Ways to support EMpower

Give a little – do a lot.

Your donation can make a significant difference in the life of a young person, providing quality education, vocational training and/or health education. With your support, some of the more marginalized and vulnerable youth in emerging market countries can expand their opportunities for a more productive, healthy and happy life, and become leaders in their communities. Our work includes grantee partners in Africa, Asia, India, Latin America, Russia and Turkey. 

Donate Shares of Stock

Donations of appreciated stock may be a very efficient way of giving:  income tax deduction while not paying capital gains taxes on the price appreciation.  We accept donations in the form of shares of stock (minimum contribution $1,000 please). Contact us directly about the transfer of the shares.

Donate Air Miles

Donated air miles are a powerful way to contribute to EMpower’s work, as travel is one of our largest expenses.  Donating air miles keeps our expense ratios at their already efficient levels and allows us to spend more time with our grantee partners on site; which is what really makes a difference to their programs and to ours. To donate air miles to EMpower, please download, complete, and submit the Share Air Miles form.

Make an Employer-Matched Donation

Many employers will match all or part of your contribution, thus allowing us to leverage your donations even further. Please contact your employer about whether your donation can be matched. If you have any questions or comments about donations, please contact us at contactus@empowerweb.org.

Become an Underwriter

Underwriters are our most loyal supporters. They are individuals or corporations that commit to three years of funding at a minimum level of $25,000/£25,000 each year to ensure the medium term sustainability of our expense base.  Underwriters know they are paying for our grantmaking and operational expenses. They are happy to do so as we are then committed to raise $2.5 for grants for every dollar they provide.  Fundraising for grants is expedited by the fact that 100% of individual donors’ contributions go directly to benefitting our grantees! We value our Underwriters highly and acknowledge their crucial role in all of our publications, website and events.

Designated Funds

EMpower cannot accept funds designated to a single grantee partner.  If you are interested in a certain country/region or theme (girls educations, the eradication of youth violence) please contact us so that we may tailor a portfolio to meet your objectives.

100% of your donation goes directly to benefit our grantee partners