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Fundación Cruzada Argentina (FCA)


Myriad factors (shortage of and distance to educational institutions, poverty, the need to work in the field, growth of urban centres and consequent emigration to them) cause rural youth to drop out of school before high school, leaving them unprepared to achieve economic self-sufficiency.


Founded in 2002, Fundación Cruzada Argentina (FCA) supports rural communities in 3 provinces of northeastern Argentina through work related to education, youth and labor inclusion. In addition to providing basic material assistance for primary schools, FCA has a secondary school strengthening program that works in partnership with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to establish sustainable school-based programs in entrepreneurship and employability. Teachers and students are trained in the planning and management of productive micro-enterprises which provided youth with practical tools for better employability. FCA works with 16 agro-technical schools in rural areas to provide youth with the opportunity to continue their education while gaining practical skills such as carpentry and welding that can be used in the rural economy.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 5th grant to FCA supports the research, design, and implementation of a new line of work in employability training, labour insertion, and tutoring for youth in new secondary schools in urbanizing areas of Corrientes and Chaco, as well as support for the development and implementation of a fundraising strategy.

Where is Fundación Cruzada Argentina (FCA)?

Primary Location: Chaco


Funded Since: 2009

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