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Afrikids Ghana


According to the Consortium for street children, there are 21,140 street children, 6,000 street babies and 7,170 street mothers under 20 in Accra alone. They live and work in appalling and often exploitative conditions. Most of the street children come from Ghana’s poorer regions in the northern part of the country. While low economic status is often cited as the major cause for streetism, parental neglect, divorce/separation, child fostering and cultural practices also play a role. Afrikids has so far counted 874 street children in Bolgatanga.

Organizational Profile:

Afrikids is a child rights organisation working to improve the lives of vulnerable children in and around Bolgatanga in Ghana’s Upper East Region. Employing a community concentration model, Afrikids has focused on the Upper East Region and established a network of institutions (such as foster homes, schools and child right centres) that it uses to address the root causes of each child’s suffering. Afrikids also works with a range of stakeholders including the police, local authorities, schools and parents to counter a number of threats such as child trafficking, child labour, the ritual killing of ‘spirit children’ (born with disabilities and believed to be possessed by evil spirits) as well as ‘streetism’.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 3rd grant to Afrikids will support the School of Night Rabbits and provide literacy and numeracy skills to 100 boys and girls who work and live in and around Bolgatanga bus and lorry station. The project will also help re-integrate children back into school and resettle them either back with their families or at the Afrikids Transitional Street Child Centre. An additional 30 youth will be assisted to complete their apprenticeships.

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