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Lend a Hand India


The current secondary education curriculum and delivery method in India, does not equip students for the skills and abilities required for future active, sustainable and successful life viz. multi-skill capabilities, analytical mind, team work, quality consciousness, and working without supervision. Most teachers in schools follow the rote method of teaching which results in a lack of comprehension and active engagement of the students. This, coupled with reasons such as lack of resources and poverty, has resulted in 62% students dropping out by the time they reach high school graduation. This large number of young people lack the basic education and skills which would help them get employment and create livelihoods. The huge disconnect between what one learns in the school versus what is required in real life poses a tremendous challenge not only for families and communities, but for peace and stability of India.


Founded in 2006, Lend-A-Hand India (LAHI) plays an important role in making school education practical and relevant by providing job/life skills training, aptitude testing, career counselling, and bridge loans for budding entrepreneurs starting their micro-enterprises to resource poor youth who otherwise would have limited income generating potential. By partnering locally with community groups and governments, it works at the intersection of education and livelihoods to provide youth with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 5th grant to LAHI enables them to set up a center to train youth over the course of 2 years to become nationally accredited vocational trainers in schools.

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