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Despite a decline, 19% of Indonesian young people 15-24 were unemployed (2013). Young people have been able to access formal employment, but ~33% of youth are in vulnerable employment (low productivity, non-wage labour) and 50% in informal work situations (2013). Young people of slum areas in Cilincing and Jurangmangu Timor are most likely to have lower levels of education and thus more informal employment. They have few chances to participate in vocational training as Indonesia has few government subsidized post-secondary vocational schools and private vocational institutions are too expensive, and thus have limited opportunity to gain marketable skills to get a job or to start a business that responds to the market demand. Girls and young women have even less access to vocational training as families generally prioritize boys’ education and livelihoods opportunities, and are more excluded from the growing economy.


The RNF, based in Jakarta, is a non-profit education outreach organization established in 2008. To attract young people, it uses arts and Social Circus, the latter being a unique way to help at-risk children and youth develop and learn determination, self-discipline, communication, self-reliance, confidence and trust in own strengths and capacities. RNF runs three major programs to improve the quality of life of at-risk children and communities: 1) An Arts and Education Outreach Program, which uses visual arts and music to teach science and math info rom the national curriculum, as well as classes in English, basic literacy, tutoring, equivalency exam preparation, etc. 2) The Formal Education Support System Program offers full and partial scholarships for children in grades 2-12; and. 3) The Performance Troupe, a Social Circus program. The uniqueness of RNF is using circus arts to help children and youth develop the confidence and courage to accomplish their future dreams, as well as essential life skills. RNF is a founding member of the Asian Social Circus Association, and believes that social circus is a powerful tool to empower at-risk children across Asia. The Performance Circus Troupe offers a place for advanced students to hone their athletic ability and perform in front of crowds and see the world outside of their slum communities. RNF operates two learning centres where its programs take place: one in a poor fishermen community in Cilincing (North Jakarta) and the other in a trash scavengers’ slum in Jurangmangu Timur (South Tangerang).

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 2nd grant to RNF will build the English language, public speaking, job readiness and career planning skills of 270 youth in Jakarta. A group of 50 out-of-school youth will participate in vocational training in Hospitality linked to fair-paid internships with the possibility for gainful employment and increased income. RNF will offer all youth regular circus classes which are, like sports-for-development programs, an effective (and unique) tool to develop capacities and strengthen self-esteem. With this new grant, RNF will be able to consolidate its pilot work undertaken under its first EMpower grant in job readiness and vocational training.

Where is Red Nose Foundation?

Primary Location: Indonesia


Funded Since: 2016

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Posted 11 December 2017
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