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Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (PROMSEX)


The Amazon region of Madre de Dios has a high rate of reported sexual violence affecting adolescents - in 2013, allegations of rape by those under age 18 was 196 per 100,000 inhabitants under age 18, an increase from 86 in 2011 and 151 in 2012. The expansion of informal and illegal activities in the region (associated with gold mining), the displacement of a large number of people to that territory, and institutional instability all create a high risk scenario for violence to occur. Several studies show that rape victimization often happens by perpetrators who have specific intention to abuse. While it is important to target specific perpetrators, it is difficult to establish predictive mechanisms of them without having detected a specific case. In contrast, pinpointing contextual risk factors for sexual violence could shape prevention interventions to reduce the chances of such violence occurring.


Founded in 2005 and led by a team of experts (gynaecologist/obstetrician, psychologist, systems engineer), Promsex is recognized internationally, regionally and within Peru as one of the strongest agencies combining program innovations, advocacy and research to move the needle on health and rights. Promsex seeks to promote policies, regulatory frameworks and accountability mechanisms to ensure sexual and reproductive rights; improve the quality of care and access to public health services and education for sexual and reproductive health (SRH); and use innovative research and approaches to influence public policy in favour of equality, diversity, and human rights.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 2nd grant to Promsex will contribute to the reduction of sexual violence in children and adolescents by further expanding and monitoring the model of prevention established in the first grant to help detect and control risk factors. This grant will implement validated tools designed under the first grant. This model has already become a benchmark for the region – the goal is to become a benchmark for the State and gradually made into public policy.

Where is Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (PROMSEX)?

Primary Location: Madre de Dios


Funded Since: 2015

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