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Amandla EduFootball


Amandla Edufootball (AEF) was founded in 2007 to address the needs of youth in one of Cape Town’s most violent and impoverished townships, Khayelitsha. Through its award winning Safe-Hub model , Amandla provides young people with a positive way to spend their time and supports them to develop the self-confidence, core life skills and motivation needed to pursue their future goals. Lessons on and off the field educate youth about health risks such as drugs, HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy, crime; and the importance of regular school attendance, and the AEF fair play system and life skills training help young people develop important life skills such as teamwork and anger management


Amandla EduFootball’s sports, leadership and life skills, and community empowerment programs work to prevent at-risk young people from joining gangs or becoming involved in other criminal or violent activities, provide information on health risks such as drugs, HIV/AIDS, crime; and ensure regular school attendance. Young participants learn to respect boundaries and authority and to become responsible and active members of society. AEF is also shaping the wider community to create a safe learning and living environment.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 5th grant to Amandla EduFootball provides support for two key programmatic staff salaries that will allow young people to participate in its Fair Play Football League, receive life skills training, and receive accredited vocational training, as well as support the development of an IT system that will allow the organization to bring its model to scale in coming years.

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