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SOZO Foundation Trust


Vrygrond Township has many social problems including crime, gangsterism, abuse, and drug addiction. There is a general sense of apathy and hopelessness among residents; 77% of Vrygrond households live below the poverty line. Whereas settlements are usually made up of one ethnic group, Vrygrond has 50% Cape Coloured (people of mixed ethnic origin who possess ancestry from Europe, Asia, and various Khoisan and Bantu tribes of Southern Africa) and 50% African, half of which are foreigners. Racial tensions are high and xenophobia is a reality. There is a dearth of services for young people in Vrygrond, as demonstrated by the fact that in a settlement of over 40,000 residents, there is not a single high school. This means high school students have to walk long distances through gang-infested areas to attend schools in other settlements. Only 42% of South African youth graduate from high school and those who do often lack access to information about opportunities for youth employment, development or education.


Founded in 2011, The Sozo Foundation Trust seeks to equip and empower people with the tools, skills and knowledge for holistic self-development. Through the Sozo Educenter, the organization offers high school students in the Vrygrond Township with after-school tutoring, academic assistance and mentoring in an effort to create a generation of young leaders who inspire positive change in their own communities.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 2nd grant to The SOZO Foundation Trust provides after-school tutoring to equip secondary students with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their grades, pass matric and access post-schooling opportunities.

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