Girls’ Voices, Girls’ Priorities: Participatory, Innovative Tools for Capturing Girls’ Realities and Understanding Changes in their Lives

This toolkit brings together user-friendly information and practical, participatory approaches that enable adolescent girl participants in youth-serving organizations to document changes in their lives, and to provide input to shape programs.

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Section One: Why Bother?

How and why to use this guide

Section Two: Where to Begin?

Deciding what you want to learn—why, how, and with whom

Section Three: Go for It!

8 innovative, participatory tools that you and the girls in your program can use to improve the quality of your programs, deepen insight into girls’ realities, and capture and share changes in girls’ lives

Section Four: Take It Further!

Suggestions for further reflection and action, and links to online resources on gender, youth, participation, research, and evaluation


Additional Resources in this toolkit:


The Girl-Driven Program Index [GDPI]

Community Mapping Exercise

The Intentional Story-Telling Mechanism [ISM]

Voice, Action, Comportment, and Opportunity Checklist [VACO]