Global Reach

EMpower works in EM countries around the globe where we believe we can make the biggest difference. We currently work in: Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam.

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> Aangan TrustIndiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Acción y Desarrollo (AyD)PeruLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Action Center for City Development (Action for the City)VietnamAsiaLivelihoods current
> Afrikids GhanaGhanaAfricaEducation current
> AksharaIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Alternativa Centro de Investigación Social y Educación PopularPeruLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Alternative Life Association (AYDER)TurkeyEastern EuropeHealth & wellbeing current
> Amandla EduFootballSouth AfricaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> Asociación Aurora VivarPeruLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Asociación KallpaPeruLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Asociación Minga PeruPeruLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Associação ChildrensAid (Onda Solidaria)BrazilLatin AmericaEducation current
> Associacao de Apoio as Meninas E Meninos da Regiao Se (AA Crianca or AAC)BrazilLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization for Social and Cultural Services (Upsala Circus)RussiaEastern EuropeHealth & wellbeing current
> Azad FoundationIndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Big Brothers Big Sisters of RussiaRussiaEastern EuropeHealth & wellbeing current
> Blue Dragon Children’s FoundationVietnamAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Blue Pen Association (Mavi Kalem)TurkeyEastern EuropeEducation current
> Bolshaya Peremena (Big Change)RussiaEastern EuropeEducation current
> Cauce Ciudadano A.C.MexicoLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Centro de Educacion e Investigacion para el Desarrollo Comunitario Urbano y Rural (CEDECUR)ColombiaLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (PROMSEX)PeruLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Centro MujeresMexicoLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Centro Para los Derechos de la Mujer Nääxwiin A.C.MexicoLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Centro Yanapanakusun (Yana)PeruLatin AmericaEducation current
> Challenging HeightsGhanaAfricaEducation current
> Charity Fund of Social Projects Galaxy (Galaxy Fund)RussiaEastern EuropeHealth & wellbeing current
> Chintan Environmental Research and Action GroupIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Committee of Resource Organisations for Literacy (CORO) IndiaIndiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Corporación para la atención integral de la Niñez (Corpolatin)ColombiaLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA)IndiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Doctors to ChildrenRussiaEastern EuropeLivelihoods current
> Education as a VaccineNigeriaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> El Hombre Sobre La Tierra (HST)MexicoLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Equal EducationSouth AfricaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Etafeni Daycare TrustSouth AfricaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT)IndiaNew DelhiEducation current
> Fundación Artistica y Social La Familia AyaraColombiaLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Fundación Centro para el Reintegro y Atención del Niño (CRAN)ColombiaLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Fundación Cruzada Argentina (FCA)ArgentinaLatin AmericaEducation current
> Fundación Cruzada Patagónica (FCP)ArgentinaLatin AmericaEducation current
> Fundación Defensores del Chaco (Defensores)ArgentinaLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Fundación NordeltaArgentinaLatin AmericaEducation current
> Fundación Tiempo de JuegoColombiaLatin AmericaEducation current
> Futbol con CorazónColombiaLatin AmericaHealth & wellbeing current
> Gelecek Daha Net (GDN) (The Future is Brighter)TurkeyEastern EuropeLivelihoods current
> Girls Power InitiativeNigeriaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> HACEY Health InitiativeNigeriaAfricaEducation current
> Hisar Anadolu Support Society (HADD)TurkeyEastern EuropeLivelihoods current
> IbtadaIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Ikamva YouthSouth AfricaAfricaEducation current
> Ithemba Lethu Learning Centre South AfricaAfricaEducation current
> Jabala Action Research OrganisationIndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Jan SahasIndiaAsiaEducation current
> JOSH (Joint Operation for Social Help)IndiaNew DelhiLivelihoods current
> Know One, Teach One (KOTO)VietnamAsiaLivelihoods current
> Kusi KawsayPeruLatin AmericaEducation current
> Lend a Hand IndiaIndiaAsiaEducation current
> LighthouseChinaAsiaEducation current
> Luta pela PazBrazilLatin AmericaLivelihoods current
> Mamelani ProjectSouth AfricaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> Medha Corp.IndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Melel Xojobal A.C.MexicoLatin AmericaEducation current
> Milaan - Be the ChangeIndiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Navsarjan Trust / Dalit Shakti KendraIndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Net-Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED-Ghana)GhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG)GhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> New Resolution India (Bright Future)IndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> NishthaIndiaAsiaEducation current
> NORSAACGhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Pacific LinksVietnamAsiaEducation current
> Pamflet (Perkumpulan Pamflet Generasi)IndonesiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Parivaar Education SocietyIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Pro-Link OrganizationGhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Puente a la Salud ComunitariaMexicoLatin AmericaEducation current
> Qi Chuang Social Work Development OrganisationChinaAsiaEducation current
> REACHVietnamAsiaLivelihoods current
> REALISTIC (Rebuilding and Life Skills Training Center)South AfricaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> Red Nose FoundationIndonesiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> ROLE FoundationIndonesiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Roots of Health (Ugat ng Kalusugan)PhilippinesAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Saath Charitable Trust (SAATH)IndiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Schools and Teacher Innovating for Results (STIR)IndiaAsiaEducation current
> Science Heroes Association (SHA)TurkeyEastern EuropeEducation current
> Solidaridad Internacional Kanda, A.C. (SiKanda)MexicoLatin AmericaEducation current
> Songtaba - Women's Rights CoalitionGhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> SOZO Foundation TrustSouth AfricaAfricaEducation current
> Swechha We For Change Foundation (Swechha)IndiaAsiaEducation current
> Tarlabasi Toplum Merkezi (TTM)TurkeyEastern EuropeHealth & wellbeing current
> The Isiqalo Foundation (Waves for Change)South AfricaAfricaHealth & wellbeing current
> United Through Sport South AfricaAfricaEducation current
> Urban Agriculture NetworkGhanaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Vacha Charitable TrustIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Vibrant Communities (formerly Included)ChinaAsiaEducation current
> Vidhayak SansadIndiaAsiaEducation current
> Vietnamese American NGO (VANGO)VietnamAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Wilderness FoundationSouth AfricaAfricaLivelihoods current
> Yayasan Ekoturisme Indonesia (East Bali Poverty Project)IndonesiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB)IndonesiaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Yayasan Pembinaan Anak dan Remaja Indonesia (YAPARI)IndonesiaAsiaLivelihoods current
> Yunnan Peili Youth Development CenterChinaAsiaHealth & wellbeing current
> Zone One Tondo (ZOTO)PhilippinesAsiaHealth & wellbeing current