Asociación Kallpa

Context: Despite recent economic growth, poverty in Peru’s Cusco province is still widespread: over a third of the population lives in extreme poverty. Although education rates have improved in recent years, youth unemployment and underemployment remain high, particularly among young people who come from precarious urban areas and whose parents lack professional connections.

Organization: Founded in 1990, Asociacion Kallpa works with local schools, government, community organizations, and youth activists to develop and implement sustainable, collective solutions to a range of health and related challenges facing at-risk children and youth.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 4th grant to Kallpa increases employment and life options of particularly vulnerable youth (with a focus on young Quechua women domestic workers), develop leadership skills, and facilitate access to support/protection services.

Peru Contact: Alejandrina Zamora Pariona
Contact Email:
Year Established: 1990