Asociación Minga Peru

The state of Loreto makes up nearly one third of Peru’s surface, and is home to approximately 1 million people from 18 different ethnic groups. Across the state, these indigenous communities live in extreme poverty and isolation: they are often accessible only by river; many lack potable water and electricity, and public services are scarce.

Since 1998, Minga has worked to address this situation, and the resulting high rates of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, and domestic violence, through a successful radio program that currently reaches 120,000 listeners, and through community training on health, violence, income generation, and sustainable resource development that have equipped over 500 women and youth to become community health promoters.

EMpower’s sixth and final grant to Minga Peru supports a pilot for an 18-month fundraising strategy focused on cultivating a cohort of individual and small institutional donors in the United States.

Contact: Eliana Elias
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Year Established: 1998