Centre for Social Development

The Centre for Social Development (CSD) is the outreach arm of the University working in early childhood and community development and has served indigent communities for 26 years. There are 16 full time staff members and the impact of the CSD’s work has been felt in Grahamstown, Kenton, Port Alfred, Fort Beaufort , Adelaide , Bedford, Debe Neck, Alexandria and Bathurst rural and urban areas.

The community development approach to early childhood communities is one that other organizations have sought to replicate because it ensures sustainable, community driven projects. The approach is holistic and co-ordinated with emphasis being placed on contextual support. Local knowledge is valued and respected and local people are involved in their own research analysis and planning of outcomes.

South Africa
Contact: Cathy Gush
Contact Email: c.gush@ru.ac.za
Website: http://campus.ru.ac.za/index.php?action=category&category=204
Year Established: 1981