Centro Mujeres

Context: The state of Baja California Sur has the third highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Mexico, and yet almost no policies or public programs exist to help adolescents make a healthy transition to adulthood.

Organization: Centro Mujeres was founded in 1991 to address critical unmet reproductive and sexual health needs of women and youth through counseling, health education, clinical services, research, and advocacy.

Current Grant: EMpower’s sixth grant to Centro Mujeres builds on the success of its state-wide youth advocacy platform to promote and achieve state-wide policy change to make adolescent health information and services a reality. Centro Mujeres will also work to ensure a government responsibility plan that offers job opportunities for young people.

Contact: Teresa Shields
Contact Email: teresashields@prodigy.net.mx
Website: http://www.centromujeresmexico.org/contact.htm
Year Established: 1991