Included (formerly Compassion for Migrant Children)

Context: In Beijing, there are an estimated 5 million migrant workers and 500,000 migrant children and youth. These migrant youth lack the opportunities of their urban counterparts, particularly access to quality education. The majority of migrant children are attending unlicensed migrant schools, where an estimated 65% of the teachers have no teaching experience, and school buildings are dilapidated, overcrowded and lack clean drinking water and sanitary lavatories.

Organization: Included (formerly “Compassion for Migrant Children”) was founded in 2006 to help children of migrant workers and their communities through social and education programs. Their model and strategy is to establish community learning centers (CLCs) in migrant neighborhoods that can serve as both a physical space and social hub for children and youth activities, educational enrichment, as well as development of the overall community.The CLC’s main programs are the After School Program (ASP) which provides academic support to migrant students, the Teacher Training Program designed to raise the quality of instruction in migrant schools, the Life Vocation Skills Program (LVS) which promotes the social and economic independence of older youth, and the Personal Development program designed to promote healthy family relations.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 4th grant to Included will support programs to enhance financial literacy, career readiness and planning and urban life-skills, including reproductive health knowledge of 200 at-risk migrant youth in Guangzhou. Included has engaged in a partnership with FAZE to carry out these programs.

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