Doctors to Children

Context: 30% of St. Petersburg’s street youth are HIV positive. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs by street and at-risk youth in St. Petersburg is a leading cause of juvenile crimes, as youth commit crimes (usually theft) to support their substance use.

Organization: Doctors to Children is an award winning organisation offering direct health and life skill focused programmes and training government and other NGO service providers in best practices for meeting the needs of marginalised young people in Russia. DTC historically has offered a variety of programmes that follow a similar successful cycle: design or adapt an approach for a specific population, evaluate and refine, raise awareness and train state social workers, and work towards government uptake. In this way, DTC aims to have all of its programs effective, sustainable and scalable. 

Current grant: With EMpower’s fifth grant, Doctors to Children (DtC) allows the organization to replicate Mature Steps, a proven model for reducing youth recidivism, in another region, continue program delivery in one district of St. Petersburg for 600 youth, and establish that site & related services/linkages as a resource model for preventing first time offenders from going into penitentiary.

Russia Contact: Svetlana Suvorova Contact Email: Website: Year Established: 2001