Equal Education

Context: Although post-1994 South Africa has achieved universal access to primary and early secondary education, the quality of teaching remains poor, class and race-linked inequalities are entrenched and infrastructure at state schools continues to be a significant challenge. Around 27% of public schools do not have running water, 78% are without libraries and 78% do not have computers.

Organization: Equal Education was established in 2008 in Khayelitsha to support teachers and students fighting for quality education in difficult conditions.  It has now become a movement of students, parents, teachers and community members working to address inequality and improve infrastructure as well as the quality of teaching. Its main tools are analysis, advocacy and activism

Current Grant: EMpower’s 4th grant to Equal Education supports the further expansion of its Youth Programme which will develop the leadership, organizational and mobilization skills of 1650 Equalisers (50% young women) and train 140 young people (50% young women) as facilitators of the youth groups.

South Africa Contact: Yoni Bass Contact Email: info@equaleducation.org.za Website: www.equaleducation.org.za Year Established: 2008