Fundación Artistica y Social La Familia Ayara

Context: Young women in Bogotá face disproportionately higher risks than young men. In a recent survey of over 9,000 women ages 15-49, 37% reported having been abused by their spouse or partner. Only 42% reported the abuse to authorities. Additionally, young women ages 14-26 face unemployment rates of 31% vs. 17% for young men. 

Organization: Founded in 1996 by a group of Colombian youth, La Familia Ayara draws on hip hop culture’s potential to promote positive youth development by engaging young people in a language that is relevant to their daily lives, as well as provide a social support network, a means of self-expression, a sense of global belonging, a heightened social consciousness, and an opportunity to be surrounded by positive role models. La Familia Ayara’s workshops and public programs use hip hop as a tool for personal development, goal setting, income generation, and community education, directly engaging young people in efforts to build a culture of non-violence and solidarity while breaking down discriminatory attitudes and practices in Colombian society.

Current Grant: EMpower’s fourth grant to Fundación Artística y Social La Familia Ayara will strengthen the young woman leader peer training model, expand and position young women to earn more income (through entrepreneurship and job readiness training), and systematize and document processes.

Colombia Contact: Diana Katerina Ortega, Program Coordinator Contact Email: Website: Year Established: 1996