Fundación Nordelta

Context: Las Tunas is a highly impoverished neighborhood outside of Buenos Aires. Many of its residents are undocumented and live in extreme conditions of poverty in precarious houses. The problems facing the residents of Las Tunas include high school dropout (50%), unemployment, malnutrition and high rates of adolescent pregnancies. With few spaces or activities for them, young people hang out on street corners, plazas and along the public road, exposing them to drug use and violence.

Organization: Fundación Nordelta was founded in 2002, the organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Las Tunas in four areas: Health, Education, Community Development and Employment. The Foundation on average reaches over 4,000 people annually. 

Current Grant: EMpower’s 4th grant to Fundacion Nordelta supports youth training, the development of recreational activities, educational classes and support, and employment skills training for entry into the labor market.

Argentina Contact: Gabriel Salamon, Executive Director Contact Email:
Year Established: 2002