Girls Power Initiative

Context:  In Nigeria, as in some other places, there is a phenomenon of girls and young women having sex with older, more experienced males, often in exchange for financial support or gifts. Twenty percent of adolescent girls in Nigeria begin having sex before age 15 compared with 7% of their male counterparts. Due to this disparity, girls and very young women are at increased risk of exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Organization: Girls Power Initiative (GPI) equips girls between the ages of 10 and 18 with information about their human rights and comprehensive sexual health education while enabling them to develop concrete skills in self-awareness, communication, negotiation, and leadership.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 5th grant to GPI helps the organization design, implement and manage a new M & E system to facilitate the transition to a results-based management system; develop and implement a new fundraising strategy to support the implementation of GPI’s new strategic plan; and, expand its vocational skills programme to include courses in repairing sewing machines and in fish farming.

Nigeria Contact: Bene Madunagu
Contact Email:
Year Established: 1993