Centro de Servicios para el Desarrollo de Las Tunas

Centro de Servicios para el Desarrollo de Las Tunas (Las Tunas) was founded to respond to community needs for safe water, improved nutrition, better schooling, and housing in an area with large industries and significant industrial waste and pollution. The pressing needs of local youth surfaced through their work with adults and children. Las Tunas conducted focus groups with young people to better understand their issues and needs, and supported life and employment skills trainings for local youth (with a focus on communication; conflict resolution; and how to seek, apply for, and succeed in a job). With participation from youth training participants, Las Tunas also conducted an assessment of local job opportunities for young people, which is currently being used to refine the organization’s youth employment program.

Contact: Claudia Paladino
Contact Email: info@centrodesarrollo.org.ar
Website: http://www.centrodesarrollo.org.ar