Luta pela Paz

Rio de Janeiro reflects some of Brazil’s starkest inequalities: despite sustained economic growth at the national level, favelas such as those in Complexo da Maré experience extreme poverty, violence, and high levels of unemployment. In 2000, Luta Pela Paz was established in Maré as a community outreach center and martial arts academy designed to prevent child and youth participation in crime and violence, and to give young people already involved in the drug trade a way out. Luta has a “Five Pillar” model, offering: sports for health; education for a future; promoting a culture of peace through social action; access to the labour market; and youth leadership.

EMpower‘s sixth grant to Luta Pela Paz provides general operating support, enabling them to make strategic investments in staff capacity development, a new monitoring and evaluation system, and to reach an even harder-to-reach population with their program services as they also scale up.

Contact: Luke Dowdney
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Year Established: 2000