Luta pela Paz

Context: Rio de Janeiro reflects some of Brazil’s starkest inequalities: despite sustained economic growth at the national level, favelas such as those in Complexo da Maré experience extreme poverty, violence, and high levels of unemployment. 68% of 15-24 year-olds in Maré have not graduated from primary school, are not currently in school, and are not working in the formal or informal labour market.

Organization: Luta Pela Paz was established in 2000 in Maré as a community outreach center and martial arts academy designed to prevent child and youth participation in crime and violence, and to give young people already involved in the drug trade a way out. Luta has a “Five Pillar” model, offering: sports for health; education for a future; promoting a culture of peace through social action; access to the labour market; and youth leadership.

Current Grant: EMpower‘s seventh grant enables Luta to develop a fundraising strategy to diversify its income stream and reach new audiences, invest in staff development and in a new financial account management system to better manage finances and accounts.

Contact: Luke Dowdney
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Year Established: 2000