Qi Chuang Social Work Development Organisation

Context: Migrant youth living in Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, often lack the workplace and life skills sufficient to make a successful transition to independent adulthood.

Organization: Qi Chuang Social Work Development Association, founded in 2008 as a collaborative effort by professors of social work from the University of Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen University, provides critical social work services to families and young people in need.  Qi Chuang is the first professional Social Work Services Organization to provide services to civil society, funded by local and provincial government.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 5th grant to Qichuang allows the organizaiton to ensure appropriate measurement of how lifeskills training is impacting the lives of migrant youth (to include case studies/profiles of individual youth, if possible after several years follow-up to gauge medium-term results).

China, Contact: Dong Peixing, dongpeixing@qichuang.org,
Website: www.qichuang.org