Qi Chuang Social Work Development Organisation

Context: Guangzhou is the capital of the Guangdong province, a province that since the 1990s ranks first in terms of interprovincial migration. According to a 2013 report from the Guangzhou Municipality, 53% of the city’s total population are migrants, while estimates show that it can really be as high as 64%. Migrant youth living in Guangzhou are facing numerous challenges in their new town as access to public services or education. They are seldom allowed to attend public schools in their new hometowns, which are free. Instead, parents have to look for private schools, which require tuition fees. Also, migrant children are in need of emotional support and often lack important life skills to make a successful transition to independent adulthood.

Organization: Qi Chuang Social Work Development Association, founded in 2008 as a collaborative effort by professors of social work from the University of Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen University, provides critical social work services to families and young people in need, while also developing the nascent social work profession in Guangzhou. It also provides a platform for social work graduate students to gain hands-on experience in implementing social work programs for communities in need. Qi Chuang is the first professional Social Work Services Organization to provide services to civil society, funded by local and provincial government.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 5th grant to Qi Chuang enables the organization to provide a life-skills program to migrant youth in 6 migrant schools in Guangzhou building their leadership and communication skills, as well as critical knowledge on sexual reproductive health. Qi Chuang will also train more social workers and migrant teachers in its migrant youth life-skills program.

China, Contact: Dong Peixing, dongpeixing@qichuang.org,
Website: www.qichuang.org