United Through Sport

Context: Infrastructure and socioeconomic indicators in the Eastern Cape lag behind other areas of South Africa. Its population suffers from high unemployment, badly equipped schools and a poor healthcare system. Educational opportunities for inhabitants of the Port Elizabeth Township are especially poor: only 3% of students enter tertiary education after high school, compared with 97% of students from top schools in the area.

Organization: United Through Sport provides underserved young people with increased educational opportunities, using a tiered sport-for-development program to 1) improve emotional well being and increase life skills (teamwork, leadership, decision making, communication); 2) discuss critical issues – by delivering curricula on topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness, and gender equality in a fun and interactive manner on the sports field; and 3) to improve the quality of education – by providing support and pathways for talented and dedicated individuals through supplementary support where the quality of education is poor and also through scholarships to top local schools.

Current Grant: With EMpower’s fourth grant to United Through Sports supports efforts to prepare young people to successfully transition to secondary school, scale up the JSE program to a second location, and provide fundraising training for key staff.

United Through Sports was formerly known as Umzingisi.

South Africa Contact: Nick Mould Contact Email: nmould@unitedthroughsport.org  Website: http://www.unitedthroughsport.org/south-africa-english Year Established: 2007