Vidhayak Sansad

Context: Despite gains in universalizing education, as well as laws to ensure young people’s right to education, quality education remains out of reach for most India youth in rural areas. Marginalized youth from tribal backgrounds often have their schooling interrupted because their families must migrate for work. Young rural women (especially those of tribal background) face the most barriers to obtaining education resulting in only 3% of tribal women being literate.

Organization: Founded in 1979, Vidhayak Sansad’s early work focused on helping the most vulnerable sectors—bonded laborers, tribal communities, Dalits (the ‘untouchable’ caste), and rural women and children—to secure their basic rights. Initially established for, and having been successful at, securing the freedom of bonded laborers, since 1995 it has focused on education. Because of its long history of organizing at the grassroots village level, it has a broad base of local support, which is a powerful force to hold local and state governments accountable in their obligations towards children and young people’s basic education.

Current Grant: EMpower’s sixth grant to Vidhayak Sansad (VS) continues to support its work to improve access to education and ensure quality and accountability in government-run schools, through its extensive community based network of play and study centers, children’s rights organization chapters, and educational committees.  In this grant, an increased number of tribal girls will be educated through VS’ residential school.

Contact: Vidyullata Pandit
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Year Established: 1979