Yunnan Youth Development Center

Context: While smaller than many other cities in China, Kunming attracts high numbers of migrants because of its year-round temperate climate and low cost of living. Rural migrant families generally have low levels of education, and many have more than 2 children, some even 4 or 5. Reproductive health education is virtually non-existent in China, and there is a severe lack of knowledge about how to avoid pregnancy and reproductive tract/sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) among all population groups.

Organization: Yunnan Youth Development Center (YYDC) was founded in 2005 to provide young people with a space for growth and development outside the typically highly regimented atmosphere of most Chinese classrooms.  YYDC programs emphasize volunteer-led experiential learning and the development of life and social skills.

Current Grant: EMpower’s 3rd grant to YYDC provides continued support for the Reproductive Health Education program, which aims to train university students and migrant school teachers to educate younger youth in upper primary and middle school on reproductive health and related topics. The migrant school teachers will begin to institutionalize school-based, on-going access to reproductive health education and referral to services.

China Contact: ZHOU Rong Contact Email: Website: Year Established: 2005