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Breakfast with Swechha, EMpower Grantee Partner from India

Posted 07 November 2016 in EMpower News, Grantee Partner News   |   Share


On November 7th, EMpower supporters were joined by Deeksha Bhatia from grantee partner Swechha, to learn more about Swechha’s work in Delhi. Swechha’s programs focus on supplementing formal education, helping youth become empowered and confident, and increase their employability through development of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes.

Deeksha discussed how EMpower’s third grant to Swechha is enabling youth to acquire employability, entrepreneurial and life skills in the slum community of Jagdamba Camp. The organization encourages youth to go into nontraditional careers, and focuses on skills or interests that the young person may already have. For example, one of Swechha’s female participants interested in media was placed in an internship at a media company where she helped make films on issues of gender and alcoholism. Following the internship, she now has a job with the same media company!

Swechha not only works with individual young people, but also with their families and communities to challenge stereotypes and encourage conversations about issues such as gender discrimination, hygiene and well-being, alcoholism and domestic abuse.

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