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President Obama recognizes work of Pacific Links in Vietnam

Posted 27 May 2016 in Grantee Partner News   |   Share


President Obama recognized EMpower grantee Pacific Links Foundation’s (PALS) work on a recent visit to Vietnam, saying: “Congratulations on the good work you are doing, I’m very proud of you”!

President Obama addressed a youth gathering at a town hall in Ho Chi Minh City that included representatives from PALS. PALS currently support 700 young women with education, after school learning clubs, and summer leadership camp.

President Obama took the question “what is the US Federal Government doing to prevent human trafficking in the global supply chain?” from Christina Bui of PALS.

He responded by talking about how to make anti-human trafficking policy effective in the real world. He stressed the importance of shutting down the pathways that put people at risk and how vital NGOs are in this effort. President Obama also emphasized the importance of giving people more opportunities to get an education and earn a living, especially in rural areas.

You can watch more here.

We’re glad to see attention being brought to this critical issue and to the amazing work PALS is doing in Vietnam.

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