Our underwriters fund our operating expenses and allow all other individual contributions to be deployed 100% to grantmaking

HK Underwriters

  • Kirk Alexander
  • CQS Asset Management
  • Rayson Chung, JP Morgan
  • Benjamin Falloon, Morgan Stanley
  • Maddy Foo, BTG Pactual
  • Sandeep Gupta, Broad Peak Investment Advisors
  • Ben Hall
  • Neil Harvey, Credit Suisse
  • Nicholas Petronko, Atlas Global Investment Management
  • Patrik Sandin and Aasha Pai
  • SC Lowy 

UK Underwriters

  • Jonathan Bayliss
  • Black River (UK)
  • Citi EM Group
  • Deutsche Bank EM Group
  • Finisterre Capital
  • Sam Finkelstein
  • Devan Kaloo, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Anton Likhodedov, Deutsche Bank
  • Liquidity Finance LLP
  • Chris Milner
  • JP Morgan EM Group
  • Spinnaker Capital
  • Helene Williamson, First State Investments

US Underwriters

  • John Carlson, Fidelity
  • Tom Cooper, GMO
  • James Donald, Lazard Asset Management
  • Keith Gardner, WAMCO
  • Liquidity Finance
  • TPCG
  • Jim Valone, Wellington Management Company