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Vietnam is among one of the few countries with the most liberal abortion laws and policies legalized in 1960s. Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in Southeast Asia and is among the highest worldwide. Vietnam also has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rate compared to other Asian countries. Teenage abortions accounted for 20% of the country abortions annually. Teenagers account for around 70% of ‘secretive abortions’ annually. Teenage pregnancies and high abortion rates continue to be of critical concerns for Vietnam. The core problem of teenage pregnancies and abortion rates disproportionately impact the poor and ethnic communities mainly, and is due to a lack of sexual & reproductive health knowledge, access to family planning including contraceptive, and of meaningful social and economic opportunities. There is not only a demand but opportunities to work to reduce teenage pregnancy and abortion, especially among ethnic minority and high-risk populations, include raising awareness on sexual reproductive rights and protection as well as creating meaningful and beneficial social and economic you-led activities with community involvement.

In Thua Thien Hue Province, teenage pregnancies accounted for as low as 0.87% of all pregnancies in 2018 to 1.45% in 2011; and currently in the Province, teenage abortions constituted 3% of all abortions.


VANGO’s mission is to strengthen humanitarian and development work in Vietnam. The NGO has four goals to build civil society: Capacity building, Inter-organisational Communications and Community Awareness, Advocacy, and Partnerships. Its founders and leadership are well regarded in the Vietnamese philanthropy sector. VANGO was a founding partner for the Health Initiative through Peer Education (HIPE) programme, which addresses health and social issues in the most disadvantaged communities through youth empowerment and community engagement. HIPE trains at-risk school-aged youth through an innovative peer-education model in leadership, life skills, community mobilization, health education and wider societal issues. HIPE Peer Health Educators (PHEs) deliver health information in urban and rural schools, and make condoms available.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 6th grant to VANGO will train 290 Health Peer educators in 15 schools, who in turn will reach to 10,000 youth with regular sessions in schools on various adolescent sexual reproductive health topics, on gender education, and child sexual abuse prevention. 10,000 youth in 30 schools in remote areas (outside of Hue city) will receive a one-time session on ASRH related topics. 700 youth in universities will join reproductive health sessions and receive information on how to use condoms properly. Half of the young people will be girls/young women. VANGO’s staff and interns will receive training in programme management, communication and leadership skills. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities take place online.

Primary Location: Hue, Vietnam


Funded Since: 2014

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Posted 02 November 2016
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